In Colorado, any accident involving a commercial 18-wheeler requires further steps than a standard car accident. The primary reason is that these vehicles are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. Additionally, all drivers of these vehicles must pass all Department of Transportation tests. The following is information about 18-wheeler accidents handled by a accident lawyer denver.

The Official Investigation

All accidents involving these 18-wheelers require an official investigation. The investigation must be completed thoroughly due to federal requirements for the vehicles and drivers. In the investigation, numerous factors apply. These factors could determine multiple reasons for the accident. This could include intoxication of the driver, faulty repairs, or a failure to report to a weighing station. A Denver personal injury lawyer evaluates all documents presenting the results of the investigation.

Federal Motor Carrier Administration Regulations

Federal Motor Carrier Administration regulations outline restrictions for all drivers. They must have a resting period if they drive longer than 14 hours. This resting period must be at least eight hours. Additionally, the driver must record their mileage in a log book as directed by these regulations. They cannot operate the vehicle if they are under the influence of any controlled substances or alcohol. They are also prohibited from taking any stimulants while driving.

Defining the Accountable Party

The driver is tested for alcohol and controlled substances as a standard procedure for these accidents. The vehicle is impounded and reviewed by the Department of Transportation. Their assessment determines if all mechanical repairs were performed correctly and according to the vehicle maintenance schedule. Next, the weight of the cargo is reviewed. The findings of these assessments defined if the accountable party is the driver, the trucking company, or a mechanic. If faulty parts were used, the manufacturer of the parts is liable.

Reviewing Limitation of Insurance Policies

The terms of the auto insurance policy for the 18-wheeler defines how compensation is managed for accident victims. It presents a value that reflects the highest payout. If the victim is denied compensation through the policy, they can hire a Denver personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit against the trucking company and any other liable parties.

In Colorado, accidents which involve 18-wheelers require additional steps. The investigation of the vehicle, the driver, and the accident itself define who is at fault. Victims of these accidents contact a denver personal injury lawyer to start a legal claim now.