This Wellness Wednesday post is a bit simpler as I’m traveling this week to a Health and fitness Retreat in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I needed to take a stage back and give out a few of my biggest healthful cooking resources as I understand the holidays are coming
healthy apple pie
up and it will be gift providing time. All the cookbooks below have inspired me to consume healthier and consider food in fresh forms. All possess different approaches to consuming, but I understand you’ll find several that you’ll appreciate or of course, a few for a few friends/family members who love cooking food and baking.
Andddddd if you’re questioning if cookbooks are worthy of the purchase, the answer is YES! You have the chance to very own these book for the rest of your life, to pass them down and share with others. You can put it on a shelf and come back to it time and time again. So… here we go!
by Gina Homolka. Another blogger converted cookbook author, Gina from SkinnyTaste is really a lightened-up meals genius. Her blog is my head to reference for lightened up foods and I couldn’t help but purchase her cookbook instantly when it strike the shelves. I had been so impressed from the layout and options for vegetarian and gluten free items. Best however, Gina includes nutritional information as well as the photos are amazing. You guys will love her lightened up pancake formulas!
by Danielle Walker. This was the very first paleo cookbook which i purchased. To be honest, I’m not paleo myself but I’ve generally wished to make some paleo meals and treats merely to test. This cookbook has never failed me; the meals are simple, gorgeous and deliciously healthful. It’s ideal for gluten free people, too! Check out the Against All Grain blog page to get more tasty paleo dishes!
by Megan Gordan. If you’re looking to create some delicious dishes for the morning hours using whole grains, then you need this book in your life! I think this would be a fantastic gift for a Mom who loves to bake or who is experimenting with meals for her children. Like the pancakes (in fact obsessed).
by Gaby Dalkin. So you like avocados? Me as well! Gaby from What’s Gaby Cooking came out with this book last year and not just is it beautiful but incredibly refreshing and exclusive. Plus, avocados are healthful so essentially this cookbook is certainly everything.
by Julie Morris. Tony got this publication for his sister last year and I had the chance to web page through it; frankly it’s the most delicious smoothie publication on the planet. There are a lot of ingredients that you’ll have to special order off of Amazon or head to Entire Foods, but believe me when I state it’s worthwhile!