Let us proceed to why you may use blogging as a marketing tactic.

It helps drive traffic to your website.

Raise your hand if you like more website visitors. Yeah, me too.

Today look at the ways people find your website:

They could form your name correct in to their browser, but that’s an market you currently have. They know who you are, you are on the radar, and that does not support you obtain more traffic on top of what you are previously getting.
You can buy traffic by getting a contact number (do not you dare!), shooting them, and expecting some individuals start and press through on the emails. But that is high priced and, you know, illegal.
You can buy traffic by placing a great deal of paid ads, which is not illegal, but nonetheless quite expensive. And the second you run out of income, your traffic stops coming, too.
Therefore, how will you drive any traffic? In a nutshell: blogging, social media marketing, and research engines.Here is how it works.

Consider exactly how many pages you will find on your website. Most likely not a ton, right? And think of how frequently you upgrade these pages. Most likely not that always, correct? (How frequently can you truly update your About Us site, you know?)

Effectively, blogging assists solve free blogs both of these problems.

Each time you write a article, it’s one more indexed site in your site, meaning it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in search motors and get traffic to your internet site in natural search. We’ll enter more of the benefits of blogging on your SEO a bit later, but it’s also an additional stick to Bing and other search engines that the internet site is effective and they should be examining in usually to see what new material to surface.

Blogging also assists you get discovered via cultural media. Everytime you write a post, you’re creating content that individuals can share on social networks — Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest — which helps reveal your business to a fresh audience that’ll perhaps not know you yet.

Website material also helps maintain your social media marketing presence going — rather than asking your social media manager to come up with brand new original material for social media marketing (or making that material yourself), your website may function as that repository of content. You’re strengthening your cultural achieve with blog content and driving new website visitors to your blog via your cultural channels. Quite a symbiotic connection, if I actually do say so myself.

Therefore, the initial good thing about blogging? It helps drive new traffic to your internet site and performs directly with search engines and social media to complete that.