There are new designs for skis that make skiing more enjoyable. One company with impressive new styling is dps skis 2013 out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The new ski companies manufacture newer design skis using high-quality materials formed to exacting specifications. This allows the new skis to fly down mountains, floating on the deepest snow, and performing perfectly on groomed snow or hard-packed surfaces. For those with limited budgets, there are even sources for used skis of the new design, such as used DPS Wailer 112 skis.

What Makes The New Skis So Superior?

These skis have been being manufactured by DPS since 2005. They are some of the most innovative skis in the world. DPS is short for Drake PowderworkS, a company that is dedicated to making the best skis on the market. The manufacturer uses the best materials available such as pre-preg carbon, aerospace carbon, wood core and backbone, and metal reinforcement paired with nanotechnology and precision engineering to make very innovative, attractive skis that perform wonderfully for beginner and expert skier alike. The groundbreaking shaping of the skis sets them apart from lesser models and brands.

Popular Models Of DPS Skis

Each model has its own special material mix and engineering to make it the best for its intended use. The DPS Wailer 112 for sale in many fine ski shops is a big mountain destroyer and their flagship ski model. It is fat enough float over deep snow and powerful enough to grip hard surfaces and groomed runs. This is a good all-over ski to consider. In 2017, a new model will be available. The Wailer 106 will be more versatile, have a quicker edge-to-edge transition, and other advantages. For women, there is the popular Nina 99 or Yvette112 for daily use and a brand new model called the Zelda 106. The Zelda is skinnier than the Nina but wider than the Yvette. That makes a perfect fit for every woman. Whether a skier chooses the popular DPS Wailer 112 or one of the many other superior DPS ski models, there will be great skiing ahead.

Finding this brand of skis will not be hard as they can be purchased online at or at the Ski Shop in Golden, Colorado. This location offers the best selection of skis both new and used for the discerning customer. The online site has many very good deals on both new and used DPS skis. To check out this new style ski, go to the website.