Coloured disposable lenses are available in every shade possible. This enables you to choose what colour eyes you’d like on a regular basis if you want. Changing the color of your respective eyes makes your vision more irresistible than adding a little bit of constitute in their mind. Your eye colour can re-invent the way you look. You can have lenses now to increase your wardrobe because next should have fashion accessory like shoes and handbags.
There are three kinds of coloured contacts that are out there. Firstly there are eye changers that are available in two different types. There are three tone and single tone. Single tone lenses are merely one colour and therefore are an even more noticeable, its keep tone lenses contain three colours which can be a tad bit more subtle. The third type is eye catchers. These are purely for fun and can be found in many weird and wonderful designs. A lot of people like to
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wear these at Halloween for fancy dress costumes parties and you can buy lenses that mimic vampires, witches and wolves by way of example. Whether you wish to stick out in the crowd and turn into different or if you’d like to resemble a character inside the movies you will find lenses for everybody.
Depending on your mood you’ll be able to cover dark eyes with subtle shades of blue or bold shades of green to change your appearance. By wearing coloured contacts it is possible to do this safely and at an acceptable price with surgery. They are temporary so it is possible to be your natural self whenever you want.
Coloured lenses useful for prosthesis is more challenging however, there is no eye colour that cannot be matched. Reflections from clothing or room lighting makes matching a little more difficult but if you take digital photographs and considering of skin discoloration and hair colour gives the closest match possible.
These lenses are perfectly safe and if taken care of correctly may cause no harm to your vision but hygiene is of the utter most importance.