Yes, I believe so. Look for positive testimonials. Look for people who are MORE than satisfied with their experience with a reader, or a network of readers. Look for opportunities to \”test\” a psychic with a free or inexpensive reading before you have to invest any real time in getting to know them.

Free psychic readings have become a large portion of what millions of Americans use as their daily guide through life. Astrological and meditative practices include tarot reading by experienced tarot counselors. The connecting of the cards to the subject depends on the interpretations made by the reader. The subject brings with them the energy the tarot use to be delivered appropriately. The subject accepts their destiny by acknowledging the destiny as they understand it. The answers are only realizations of the current situation. The way to a future that is bright is to compliment the good and eliminate the bad that the cards speak of as the present, past, and future. What is in the cards is a path to follow, but is it all in the cards?

It was presumed that if you collected a fee for doing a divination that you were committing fraud. The only way around the law was to be a minister in a religious body that was exempt from paying taxes. But not much attention was paid to the law, it was enforced sporadically. The last attempt was made in 2000, an action that led to its repeal.

What Makes This Book So Special is it was written by a real tarot reader and teacher with real, practical experience. This book makes it easy for anyone to understand tarot! This book is also available in paperback, but you can get it instantly and you don’t have a shipping charge!

I rang another ‘psychic line’, this one promised a free reading. I called to be greeted by an automates system that put me through to a male psychic. He had a much more dominating approach, I don’t know if he was just like that or having a bad psychic day. As the psychic reading continued he continued to ask me the same questions as the last psychic. While going through this process I was left wondering if I was getting a free psychic reading or not as I had called a premium rate hotline. When I questioned the psychic about this he claimed that I was getting a free reading and that I was paying a lower cost per minute that the other hotlines, and the low fee was just to cover admin costs. Hmmmmm! I hung up!

I once had the opportunity to see what was being advertised as the worlds best psychic but who was supposed to also be
a Medium. She was late arriving due to the weather and then proceeded to explain so much information that was not necessary before she even began. Everyone was given a small piece of paper and asked to write down a question, you were not told exactly why. As this individuals proceeded, she gave one story after the other answered a few questions as she kept talking about herself and then after taking a break came back to do messages. The basket was given to her with all of these pieces of paper. Being a Medium I supposed she was going to demonstrate psychometry to deliver messages around the room.

The psychic answered immediately, gave the usual disclaimer and proceeded to ask me questions about myself. This time I was little more coy about the information I gave about myself but was more direct about a particular subject in my life, e.g. business.

Why? Because there are simply only a limited quantity of genuine, talented and authentic clairvoyants, psychics, mediums and intuitive’s in the world at any given point, and unless you live ina major metropolitan area where you can visit one in person, you are out of luck!

With a better understanding of your past and current experiences and with a clearer picture of your future, you may find yourself excited or eager to make plans and changes for your future. A psychic medium can also be of great help in this area. He or she is able to see your plans and intentions objectively, and will be a good source of guidance and tips for improvement.