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Doors at 9pm. Show at 9:30pm. $5. 21+

American Pinup
American Pinup emerged from the suburban sprawl of Westchester County, New York in 2010 to offer a rousing blend of punk rock and powerpop with seasoned songwriting at its core. Thoughtfully arranged compositions and lyrical depth bolster the band’s radio-ready, exuberant indie rock sound. Fronted by Lauren West, who unites sultry, melodic crooning with a raspy, rock and roll growl, the band draws on influences from across the spectrum of alternative music, creating an explosive mixture of pop-savvy melody and punk rock attitude. The result is the perfect marriage of hook and edge.

Following two full-length albums and two EPs, multiple nation-wide tours, and countless appearances at festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, The Fest, and SXSW since their arrival on the scene, American Pinup has carved out their own niche in the world of independent music. A tireless, DIY work ethic paired with undeniably infectious tracks and electrifying live shows has propelled the quartet from obscurity to earning a coveted place on the Alternative Press list of “100 Bands You Need To Know” in 2014.

American Pinup will be hitting the road again this fall in support of their new release “The Radio EP.”

w/ Mad Dog and the 20/20s and Risky Clique

American Pinup w/ Mad Dog & The 20/20s and Risky Clique

Doors at 9pm. Show at 9:30pm. $5. 21+

The Other Side of Now
The Other Side of Now spent 2016 writing and sharpening their chops. Lincoln and Omaha is where they call home, but really home is anywhere that has a guitar and half-priced tall boys.

All coming from previous bands playing through out the area, each dude brings a wealth of experience and excitement to The Other Side of Now.

w/ Ghost Town Radio and The Rewind

The Other Side Of Now w/ Ghost Town Radio and The Rewind

Doors at 9pm. Show at 9:30pm. $5. 21+

Leighton is an original rock band from Lincoln

Shaping the Legacy
Shaping the Legacy hails from San Antonio, Texas, and is utilizing the grassroots and a strong Texas metal scene to develop a robust following in the Texas metal scene. Since acquiring Juan Hinojosa (Upon a Burning Body) as their drummer, and Drew Buckner (Good Morning Gorgeous/Counterculture) as their vocalist, Shaping the Legacy is looking to take Texas, then America, then the world, by storm with their immaculate guitar work, undeniable rhythm section, and soul-gripping vocals.

Eighth Day Broken
Eighth Day Broken is a punk rock band that formed in Lincoln, NE. The band consists of Jake Ameku (Vox/Guitar), Kurt Ameku (Drums), and Alek Nyberg (Bass).

Leighton w/ Shaping The Legacy and Eighth Day Broken

Doors at 9pm. Show at 9:30pm. $5. 21+

Alluvion – MN
If anyone is wondering what the next “basement gem” to come out of Minnesota’s underbelly is going to sound like, they should probably talk to Berndt Evenson, the guitar-weilding gent responsible for Alluvion.

Evenson has been in various musical groups since he was a teenager, ranging from psychedelic rock (Con Queso, featuring Seth Mooney, and Greg Norton of legendary punk band Husker Du) to Tech-House and Hip-Hop (Simply Us, featuring Dustin Lundell, and Roe Pressley aka Swee2th of Minneapolis based SubClass ent.). While playing numerous festivals and clubs in the surrounding midwest alongside talents such as The Meat Puppets, Eyedea, Carnage, Dessa, Sole, Kanser, and Kris Krane, he was toiling with the sounds that would soon develop into what is now known as Alluvion.

The first four Alluvion albums (taken down by the creator “to start fresh,” as he says,) were rough, but playful explorations in dark, yet mellow wobbly bass synth sounds, combined with melodic textures, and thumping percussion. The latest release “The Deepest Depths of Shallow Waters”, is a whole new beginning in more ways than one; Evenson has not only clearly improved his production skills (due in part to help from friend Karl Folk aka EvilScience,) but he has taken his love of movie and song sampling and thrown in a great deal more live guitar and even several tracks with his own, albeit mostly heavily processed, vocals. It is an impressive new turn and continues to show that Alluvion’s releases are anything but predictable.

The Alluvion concert experience features live midi tweaking, guitar & analogue ribbon improvisation, and heavily effect driven layered vocals. Evenson seems determined to assure audience members, that this isn’t typical EDM or basement rock; however, once you’ve seen or heard Alluvion, that becomes delightfully apparent. The ongoing motto from Alluvion over the past few years has been, Feel The Waves, with his recent shift in sound from album to album, it has become clear how that came to be.

the action of the sea or a river in forming new land by deposition.

w/ CJ Clydesdale Band, A2nelito and Kamakauzzy

Alluvion w/ CJ Clydesdale Band, A2nelito and Kamakauzzy

Doors at 8pm. Show at 9pm. $5 suggested donation. 21+


We lied. We can’t stay away from the music. We’re throwing a pop up show at Duffy’s Tavern THIS FRIDAY with our buds Laughing Falcon. We’ll both be making our way down to SXSW next week so help us raise some funds for gas, impulse tattoos and all of the Inn & Out we can eat.

FREAKABOUT + Laughing Falcon Pop Up Show

Find out all the parties and events in phoenix nearby and get notified for upcoming events.

All events and parties in phoenix