If you are looking to keep your dog well groomed, there are a few options. You could do it yourself, using dog clippers, grooming sheers and other equipment, or let someone else do it. In this article, we will examine some options. From grooming schools to recommended dog grooming businesses.

Organisations and Associations to ask for help

The British Dog Grooming Association recognises the City & Guilds accredited dog grooming courses as a professional standard required by all dog groomers. The Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants could help you get a job as a dog groomer or assistant dog groomer.

The Kansas Humane Society is a community resource for pets and people that helps abandoned and homeless animals in our community. In addition, grooming a dog in specially tailored surroundings, with proper grooming tools and equipment is more pleasant for them, and less mess for you. Zoom Zoom Groom in Regina has the best dog and cat grooming salon, mobile grooming service, a dog and cat grooming school and cat boarding condos.

The Diploma for Professional Dog Stylists could help you get a job as a senior dog groomer or manager in a dog grooming salon. You may want to progress to our City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Dog Grooming Assistants or City & Guilds Level 3 Introductory Certificate in Dog Grooming. It is recommended that anyone without experience of professional dog grooming completes the Level 1 Principles of Dog Grooming.

Zoom Zoom Groom in Regina has a dog and cat grooming salon, mobile grooming vehicles, cat boarding and a variety of retail grooming products. You have little or no knowledge or working in the dog grooming industry and want to learn the skills you need to work under supervision in a dog grooming salon. Freshen up your dog’s look with the helpful tips outlined by a professional dog groomer in this free video series on dog grooming.

There is a significant emphasis on developing your practical skills throughout your dog grooming training; giving you the skills and experience necessary to use professional dog grooming equipment to groom a variety of different dog breeds to breed standard or owner requirements. In addition, we use the latest dog grooming equipment and techniques. The Kansas Humane Society is Wichita’s largest privately-funded, non-profit animal shelter organization: featuring pets for adoption, dog training classes, spay/neuter services, humane education, programs for kids, volunteer and foster opportunities, and a variety of fundraising programs.

Zoom Zoom Groom in Regina uses natural, holistic products when grooming your cat or dog and sells a variety of cat and dog grooming supplies. Our Wash & Go service is subject to inspection as your dog needs to be tangle free in order for this to be effective.Review grooming techniques and procedures, including the use of equipment and the grooming styles for specific dog breeds.

Call in and meet our qualified, experienced groomers who will advise you on which type of grooming service would be right for your dog. Dog owners who want to groom their pets at home will need ear and eye supplies. So some of the equipment may not be optional if you have a particular type of dog.

How a certificate in dog grooming can help you

The Certificate in Introductory Dog Grooming could help you get a job as a dog groomer or kennel worker. The salon is run by professional staff with students grooming client’s dogs to train and develop their dog grooming skills. At Rio Grooming School & Salon, we strive to educate qualified students, using state-of-the-art equipment for a lifetime career in the field of grooming.

Flea control products are also part of grooming supplies. Bath tubs are supplies more commonly found in professional grooming shops. Badly matted fur should always be remedied by a professional dog groomer.

Zoom Zoom Groom in Regina is an award-winning dog and cat grooming service with a salon and a fleet of mobile grooming vehicles. At Rio Grooming (formerly known as Rio Gran), you will receive not only some of the best dog grooming training in the industry, but also, as importantly, you will learn the business of dog grooming. Make the most of our fantastic facilities with Sparsholt’s dog grooming and boarding services!

Our relaxing Dog Grooming services are the perfect way for your pooch to end a fun-filled day at Doggy Daycare or for the dog in need of a relaxing get-away day or a makeover! We offer not just the most well-equipped dog grooming salon in the city, but also an award-winning mobile grooming service that comes right to your door for just a small fee. Zoom Zoom Groom in Regina runs the best dog and cat grooming school: The Apex Academy of Professional Grooming and Animal Arts.

Whether you want to become a professional dog groomer or groom your own dog at home, we have part time courses to offer. In addition to the dog grooming service, Derby College Broomfield Hall campus provides dog grooming courses. We are an Approved training centre by International Certified Dog Grooming UK (ICMG) and hold professional grooming exams at the college.

Grooming services can be scheduled with a lodging or daycare reservation or by daily appointment. Stage 9 Career Building Skills for the Professional Pet Groomer: Prepares you for a career in the dog grooming industry as both a grooming shop owner and employee.