If you’re new to Internet Marketing, you may be a bit squeamish about handling things you don’t know. I hear, “I don’t know what an autoresponder is,” or “I have no idea how to set up a squeeze page,” and “Why do I need a list?” OK, so learn about or how to do those things or get someone to do them for you.

Never slow down. Never wait. Never find any reasons for things not to work. Always find ways to make things work so you can start building your list. That’s a key, key, key concept that when I learned it, everything changed. Before I learned it, I was just complaining all the time about why this service didn’t work or why that service didn’t work, why my list wasn’t growing, or why this product didn’t work for me.

I found out it’s not about the products, it’s about me and about what I want to do in order to move things forward.

But there are things you can do to make things easier for yourself.

Like, I never receive opt-in notices. This is a pointer. What’s one of the biggest downers? One of the biggest downers is when someone unsubscribes from your list. Do not, do not, do not have your autoresponder set so you see when someone unsubscribes. Don’t even look at that crap.

And, for me, when they subscribe to my list, it’s just an email. It’s a waste of my eye. I don’t have time to look through all these emails from people who are subscribing to my list, though I appreciate them. But if I want to know how
email marketing tutorial

email marketing tutorial
many people are subscribed to the list, I’ll just go login to the autoresponder and see the number.

But the problem is when you’re just starting out you get caught up in the little details and the little things that are big question marks in your head because you don’t know the answers yet.

Go at full speed and then, about a week from now, you will know so much just from going through those things, you have no idea. The amount you’ll be able to get out of teleseminars or any other product or service that you buy, or whatever, will be exponentially greater. And if you just get that squeeze page up, you’ll be building your list and then, you can monitize it to start making an income.

It wasn’t always that simple for me. If money was in my bank account it was because I brought a check or brought cash and gave it to the bank to put this in my bank account, like most of us live for most of our lives. And that’s okay, but once you figure out the potential of having your own list of responsive people, everything changes. There’s a major shift that will happen in your brain and it gets really, really exciting, but it’s developing that skill set of building your list.

But just remember, like I said, it’s a skill set. It’s just like anything else you’ve ever learned in your life. You have to schedule it in, go full force; don’t let anything or anyone distract you. Give yourself two weeks. Learn and then, build that list. It’s the best thing you can do.