This foot bath will reinvigorate and soothe the feet and you may feel regenerated and ready for one more busy day or restful evening. Pamper yourself in your own home without high spa fees.
This whirlpool foot bath is portable and gets hot to your temperature as high as 115 degrees. The two hydro jet nodes in the Aqua-Jet foot spa works on and massages your foot arches and other reflexology zones are stimulated to offer the ultimate in foot relaxation.
You can control the temperature from
best foot soak

best foot bath
the water and jet speeds with a cordless remote device without having to fumble with buttons.
The temperature from the water heats fast and stays at whatever level you select for approximately 2 hours to completely soothe and massage you. There is really a pumice stone which is may be used in the spa or is removable that could be included with the water to exfoliate and smooth calluses and dry and rough feet.
Some other features on this foot spa is often a large basin that will accommodate a size 13 male foot. There is an auto turn off feature once the basin doesn’t have water inside it. There is also another deep basin that will hold water deep enough to cover most ankles. The jets are powerful and they are adjustable in direction and force. Prevent water from spilling and splashing which has a large splash guard.
Don’t forget this foot bath could make to get a wonderful gift for a person that you experienced that’s stressed frequently. This one is often a bit more money but is worth it because it performs as advertised!