You may discover the perfect match for your home based business quicker than you think. We “harp” on the Plan B system because it’s all about your financial security. Maybe we should actually develop a software called Plan B but maybe later.
There are so many choices for a home based business that it would be extremely difficult to choose one for you or anyone else. Some folks turn to network marketing multi-level while others are focused on Internet Marketing as their personal choice.
Actually, either direction makes sense and building a home based business to success [profits!] is possible. It all comes back to YOU, your choices, what you like to do. One direction – multi-level – is talking with people about what you have discovered and encouraging them to follow your lead.
Not as easy to do as some suggest simply because you have to talk with people who are afraid you’re trying to sell them something. A huge problem with either method, Internet Marketing or Network Marketing, is the “blind” leading the “blind” where lack of training in either method is the dominating problem.
Here’s what we see happening everywhere that should be fixed in all systems. Newbies are excited and enthusiastic, however, should not suddenly turn into experts or trainers because they lack experience in the business. Do you remember learning to ride a bicycle? I could even ride mine backwards sitting on the handle bars for no good reason. Kinda dumb, right?
Most of us do remember, particularly falling off and getting skint up from head to toe. What was your problem? Sure, same as mine, no trainer. OK, somebody held up the bike and gave us a push if you call that training. Eventually, most of us learned the hard way to ride a bike from sheer determination at the highest level. Do it or die trying!
Same goes for most of us at the lake or swimming hole. Swim or drown was our only option. Unfortunately, in Internet or Network Marketing, we give up to easily. The determination is not usually as high for us as it was learning to ride a bike or to swim.
You ask, why not? I’m guessing that the Newbie came on excited with tons of enthusiasm but lacked understanding or knowledge about the fine tuning of the system. Truth is… rejection is the problem. None of us enjoy being rejected especially when we’re sharing the best thing since sliced bread or so we think.
It’s hard to believe. Someone called us and got our juices flowing, we bought on the spot and now rejection keeps pushing us down into the cellar, no one is interested. What should we do now? Your upline usually knows only one reply…. keep calling. Make your list longer, find more people.

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