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Second, the air massage is like nothing weve ever seen.  Every other chair on the market uses the same basic squeeze and release method of air massage, but BodyFriend has a patented process that closely replicates a Shiatsu-style massage, performed entirely with airbags.If you are interested in making a larger investment in an infrared massager that is of professional quality, then the Oster Infrared Massager is worth considering.In case you are looking for the best possible option, you should consider foot spas. These devices use both water and heat in order to provide you with the best massage possible for your feet and your calves. The purpose of these massagers is to relax the joints and the muscles and to give you a complete relaxing treatment for your feet, just like the ones you can experience when you visit a spa. They are often larger than average foot massagers, so they are a good pick for large feet. However, you should keep in mind that traveling with a foot spa in your luggage is quite inconvenient.

The 4 modes include a combination of massaging, kneading and rolling.  There are also 3 custom modes that will target the tips of the toes, the arches and the soles.Before control panels were a thing, wireless and wired remote controls were considered the best additions to massage chairs. They work the same way as the control panels but without the screen. If you get an advanced model, some of the remotes come with screens- but are a lot less robust than what a control panel can offer. Its still worth looking into when you want the best experience without a large screen, with the upside being there is no loss in customization when using a remote control. Everything you can do with a large control panel is manageable through a remote.One of the guys that lifts with me had a lot of pain in his back the other day and I had him use the Deep Recovery tools before we lifted on the specific spot.  He said it gave him instant relief and he lifted well.  I told him with the amount he spends on a masseuse he could buy the massage track and save himself a lot of money.