This section wrapped gifts numerical examples to illustrate effects of various physical parameters on the stress intensity factor and dyke surface profile. In all computations, we use the following typical real estate for the web host rock and basaltic magma ( Rubin 1995a ): At the = 50 GPa, ν = 0. 25, Δρ0 sama dengan 300 kg m−3, η = 50 Pa s and g = being unfaithful. 8 m s−2.flux b11 crack

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Thermoelectroelastic problems to get holes of numerous styles embedded within an infinite matrix are believed in this paper. Based upon Lekhnitskii’s formalism, the technique of conformal mapping plus the exact electric boundary conditions on the hole boundary, the thermoelectroelastic Green’s function have been obtained analytically in conditions of an intricate potential. As an application of the proposed function, the problem of an infinite dish containing a fracture and an opening is analysed. A system of unique integral equations intended for the unknown temperature discontinuity as well as the discontinuity of elastic displacement and electric probable (EDEP) defined upon crack faces is developed and resolved numerically. Numerical results for stress and electric displacement (SED) intensity factors of the crack-hole system Flux B11 Crack
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are presented to illustrate the software of the proposed formulation.

Fig. five shows the dyke surface profile when ever the dyke offers propagated 5 km for various values of overpressure ΔP. The propagation speed is 0. five m s−1 and the density marche is included with n = one particular and L sama dengan 5000 m in eq. (19) This is seen by the figure that at a given location along the dyke surface, the dyke thickness diminishes with decreasing overpressure as expected. The dyke thickness on the tail (z = −5 km) is about 2. 8 m for ΔP sama dengan 3. 0 MPa. The thickness reduces to about 1 ) 6 m when ΔP = 1 ) 0 MPa. These types of dyke thickness values are in contract with the info of field findings ( Rubin 1995a ) for dykes of kilometers lengthy.