There does come a point where eating healthy, caring for the skin properly and wearing the best products will finally cease to provide the beneft the individual wants. When this happens women that want a younger appearance have to think about the types of treatments available. At one time it was only surgical solutions that offered any real change, but today that is not the case. There are many non-invasive options that improve the skin and reduce the appearance of aging dramatically.

Improve With Botox

Many loyal christian makeup clients choose to use Botox for reducing their fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is a safe, low-risk option that is possible to complete during a lunch break. The recovery involves waiting for the redness and swelling to subside around the injection site. The improvements are instant and will often continue to improve over the next few days. By regularly using botox new york clients often experience some permanent improvement in their skin because the product reduces the strain on the skin by helping to keep the muscles relaxed.

Eliminate With Fillers

James Christian Cosmetics offers other injectable solutions beyond Botox. Juvederm is a filler that helps to eliminate sagging and lines in the face by filling out areas that have dropped with time. This is often the case with the area known as the “apples” of the cheeks and the parentheses that form on the sides of the mouth. Fillers return the apples up to where they should be on the cheekbones and reduce or eliminate the lines bracketing the mouth.

Become a Vampire

The Vampire facelift is getting a lot of attention. Partially because of its dramatic name, but mostly because of how effective it is. It encourages the body to begin a rapid healing process thanks to micro injuries caused by a Dermapen. The healing stimulates the growth of collagen, tissue and stem cells that makes the skin look fresh and glowing. It is called a Vampire facelift because the client has their blood drawn and reintroduced into the skin with the Dermapen after it has gone through a centrifuge.

A number of other products exist to eliminate scars, brighten dull skin and fade brown spots. Help is available for the face, hands, neck and chin. All of the methods available through James Christian Cosmetics are practically painless, do not require anesthesia or a visit to the hospital and improvements are noticeable immediately. These injectables offer the safest and most affordable way to turn back the clock. Find out more today.