One of the oldest companies, Olympus has had a long and historical journey. Olympus digital cameras are visceral used all higher than the world today. allow us admit a look at the glorious archives of Olympus here.

Olympus was started showing off assist in the year 1919 under the name of Takachiho Seisakusho. In fact, the first optical product made by the company was not a camera, but a microscope! The broadcast ‘Olympus’ was introduced in 1921 as a trade make known for the company’s optical products.

There is an engaging balance attached to the broadcast of Olympus. It has a deep, deep meaning attached to it as well. According to Greek mythology, Olympus is the mountain where the Gods live. And, Takachiho is the mountain where the Gods conscious according to the Japanese texts. In fact, every the names united past Olympus cameras have a hidden meaning to themselves. For example, the first product made by Olympus for photographic purposes was the Zuiko 75mm/F4.5 lens in 1936. This is an abbreviation coined from the say of Olympus optical plant (Mizuho Kogaku-kenkyujo) and in addition to has a hidden Chinese meaning.

In the ’30s, Olympus introduced many interchange types of cameras. Due to the world wars, production suffered from times to time till the ’40s. The Twins Reflex camera was introduced in 1950s and became instantly popular. In fact, hundreds of models based upon this technology were developed by several manufacturers. But it was the Olympus Rolleiflex which set the all right for these cameras in the industry.

However, it was the Olympus PEN which was launched in 1959-60, which usual Olympus as the manufacturer of little cameras in the market. The PEN was light, small, innovatively expected and could endure 72 shots in one roll! It became increasingly well-liked and helped Olympus to gain sustain of the market. After this, there was no looking assist for Olympus and it went from strength to strength.

As far away as digital cameras are concerned, by the 80’s and ’90s, the video camera and the consumer digital cameras were already gift in the market. However, they were not of very high tone and could deserted used for web publishing or low-res prints. But, by the late ’90s, technology had radical greatly and prices had then dropped, in view of that consumers were now going in for digital cameras more and more. It was at this time, in the year 1996, that Olympus introduced its P&S style cameras which had a unlimited of 810.000 pixels. Slowly and steadily, Olympus came taking place once a 2 mega pixel and next a 3 mega pixel camera by the year 2000. At this time, one of the significant launches of Olympus was the 2.11 mega pixel model C-211 which after that had an in-built Polaroid printer.