NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 15, 2013 – Singer Rose Falcon has been from the music industry for your better part of two decades, but her most recent foray into New bands has the community buzzing with experience. After her early Disney career didn’t pan out as hoped, she compares the new chapter of her life with new eyes. The 29-year-old first landed a record deal at a tender 14, but she didn’t quite know what direction to go it. Afterwards, she took some period for craft her songwriting skills and has her sights set on her first full-length project, following on the heels of such EPs as 19th Voie.

RF: When it comes of CMA Fest, all right. It used to be just one big stage and arrived huge backstage, like a business party than fan dedicated. I used to walk around with my dad and say hi persons. That’s pretty much my best memory from the.
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RF: I made it at Cal IV. My new EP is called “19th Neighborhood.” best mobile phone insurance Cal IV can be a studio that’s located on 19th Avenue. It’s also where I write all my songs. On the inside video, you’re seeing the studio where song was really recorded.
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