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A new color job is the least difficult way to transform an outdoor area, as it can be applied to walls, trim and floor surfaces. This home features wooden but metal, concrete and brickwork can be painted according to John from handyman dublin 16 . Select a palette to accommodate the architectural style and around landscape, adding furniture and accessories in tonal shades.

When a house looking for the worse for wear, give it the ultimate face lift by
repainting the exterior and trims. This is a job that can be done DIY, assuming you have a reasonable skill level in addition to the time and dedication to obtain well. Painting renovator John Travers says that after exploring the structural ethics, examine the surfaces well, check for mould, dirt and grime, and leaks. Then check the weather forecast for a dry spell.

To paint a wrought flat iron fence, lay a drop sheet to catch any metal chips, then use a tiny wire brush to tackle any rust locations and loose paint. Clean the fence with a wet cloth, then a dry cloth. Always wear
safety googles and leather gloves when working with metal surfaces. Rub down with a non-scratch mat, then wipe the metallic till its dry. Apply a specialised primer and give it a layer with a paint clean. Or use a corner and cranny roller, which provides a smoother finish compared to a brush says John Travers.

John Travers the handyman dublin 16  advises.To paint a concrete porch, clean it thoroughly and when dry out, cut in with a brush, then go in with a roller.
Select a deep paint rack that will hold a minimum of two lt of paint. And make sure you keep the roller damp without over-rolling. Trying to turns out the previous bit of paint from the roller will start to flatten the snooze. Apply the first layer, keeping even pressure on the roller, then apply the second coat with a light side
for an even, smooth finish.

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