Rivets are used in various applications to securely fasten materials together permanently. Two widely used types of these fasteners are called solid brass rivet and Semi Tubular Rivets. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about rivets and how they’re used in various industries.

What exactly is a rivet and how is it used in industries?

Rivets are commonly made out of numerous types of metals, such as aluminum, steel and brass, and when these connectors are fabricated, they have a smooth cylinder-shaped shaft with a head on one of the ends. When a solid rivet is fabricated, the opposite end, which is known as the tail, is solid. A semi tubular rivet is made in the same fashion but it has an opening at the end.

How are rivets fastened into place and what kinds of tools are needed?

A rivet is placed into a pre-drilled hole and one of various types of tools is used that causes the bottom of the rivet to expand, which securely holds the two pieces of material together. The hole at the end of a semi tubular rivet reduces the amount of pressure that’s needed to fasten the rivet into position. Solid rivets are commonly installed using a rivet gun or hammer. The various types of tools and equipment that can be used for the placement of Tubular Rivets include a pneumatic squeezer, impact riveter, kick press and a manual squeezer.

What are other rivet variations that are available to consumers?

When choosing rivets for a specific application, consumers can choose a certain diameter, length, finish and head style. Some of the finishes that are available include silver, zinc, phosphate, tin, silver and plain. There are also various head styles that consumers can order from the manufacturer, such as flat, round, oval, truss, dome, countersunk and universal.

What are some common applications for the various kinds of rivets that are manufactured?

Rivets are used in numerous applications because of their dependability and safety factors. Rivets are used in various components during the construction and assembly of aircraft, automobiles, bridges and structures. These types of fasteners are also frequently used in other industries including the military, medical, marine and construction. Many manufacturing companies also use assorted types of rivets when producing electronic equipment.

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