The Best Guide To Snapchat In 2017

In order to understand everything below, here’s a quick rundown regarding the terminology of Snapchat so that you know what we’re referring to in any given step.

Snap: A ‘snap’ is a video clip or still image you capture with your device’s camera within the app, and then send to another user or upload to your Snapchat story. Friend: On Snapchat, a close friend is another user you’ve mutually related to (both of you have added each other as contacts within Snapchat). Follower: If someone adds you you usually do not add them back, these are typically a follower, and them show up in your address book, they’ll still be able to view your stories while you won’t have. Story: once you take a snap, you may upload it to your ‘story’. A tale is a running film reel of any snaps you’ve added to it in the last a day, and it is the principal method for brands to create content on the platform. Stories are publicly viewable to anybody who follows you. Likewise, you can view the stories of those you’ve connected with.


On your app store if you haven’t yet signed up for Snapchat, simply search it. If you’re reading this on a smart phone, you can easily click here to to download Snapchat to your iPhone or view here to grab it on an Android device. Note: If you wish to install Snapchat to an iPad, you need to head to the iOS app store from the device, then, into the upper lefthand corner, tap ‘iPad only’ and alter this to ‘iPhone only’ in order to find Snapchat within the search engine results, because it’s natively created for phones only. Once installed, go ahead and open the app, tap ‘Sign Up’, and enter your desired username and passwords.
The USERNAME you create will be used to log you in, and others may type this name in to add you as a friend. You will also be able to regular NAME/DISPLAY NAME, so you can use something other than your username to display to your Snapchat friends when messages or updates come from you. Think of the username like your email, and the display name like your sender name (I might send an email to clients from, but the sender name shows up as Brandon Landis). For example, your username you login with might be “johnspetstore”, but you can make messages more readable and identifiable by setting your display name to something cleaner like “John’s Pet Store”.

Follow the prompts to enter your name, email, date of birth, and other requested information until you find yourself logged in for the first time. You should be greeted by the home/camera screen with this message on it: first snapchat login *Boss and coworker not included.


Now that you’ve got your account opened up, the real work begins: Understanding Snapchat’s swipe labyrinth of navigation. While the initial screens you see in the app may or may not cause too much confusion, you’ll soon realize that swiping up, down, left, or right on just about any screen will take you to another screen – and that’s where things can get complicated.

The easiest way to understand Snapchat’s navigation is to see a physical representation of its layout. Below, I’ve laid out the most prominent screens next to each other to show you how to move around within the app. You’ll notice I’ve named each screen, and you can use this image for reference when I talk about various screens and their functionality in the rest of this chapter.

How to navigate snapchat

1.4: TAKING & EDITING A SNAP (Creating Content): The entirety of your content creation tools for Snapchat lie on this screen. Let’s go ahead and tap the camera button once to take a picture and see what we can do with it: your first snap 1 To delete the picture and try again, you can tap the x in the top right corner. If you’re happy with what you’ve got, let’s add some text. You can do this either by tapping the ‘T’ in the upper right hand corner, or by tapping anywhere on your screen/picture:

Type whatever you like and then tap any blank space in your picture to get out of typing mode. You should have something like this: If you wish to move the placement of your text, you can simply press the darkened bar to the left or right of your text, and drag it up or down with your finger. Here’s what my snap looks like after repositioning: Note: If you would like to place larger text on your snap, you can simply tap the T icon again after typing to try a few different styles. Not bad, but let’s spice it up some more. Tap the pencil icon in the top right corner, then draw with your finger on the screen; I’ve gone ahead and pointed an arrow at my coworker:

You are able to replace the colour of the ink by pressing in the color bar under the pencil, and you will step backwards to undo mistakes utilizing the backward arrow towards the left of the pencil button. Tap the pencil button itself when you’re finished to get out of drawing mode. Finally, let’s add a sticker. Stickers are only emojis which can be placed and resized on your snap to add a little extra character. Because of this image, I’m going to include a laptop sticker to emphasize the office environment. To add a sticker, tap the Post-It note looking icon next to the T. You’ll get a library of emojis like the one below. Scroll up, down, left, and directly to take a look at everything that’s available, then tap the only you intend to use. Once it’s placed, use to fingers and pinch to rotate and resize your sticker. When you’re done, you’ll have a snap like the one below, ready to send! To learn more about how to hack a snapchat.

You are not expected to add any text, stickers/emojis, or drawing elements to a snap before using it. They are simply suggestions that will help to incorporate character and context towards the relatively short video and picture messages for the Snapchat platform. A Note On Video: In order to snap video, instead of a still image, simply hold along the camera button for approximately 10 seconds, in the place of tapping it; lift up your finger when you want the video in order to complete. At this time, your video will loop continuously and you’ll have the same options to edit it (text, drawing, stickers) as before with a picture snap; editing and sharing video works exactly the same as sharing still images.