Therapists can themselves be at a loss of profits to understand why clients show no response to surefire treatments. The missing piece with this
best foot soak

best foot soak
puzzle is simple and it handles a cause of disease, yet this aspect often evades us. It is ENERGY.
In hobbies we might visit physicians when we were well, in order to prevent future illness. In these modern, more stressful times, we tend visit therapists when our symptoms have become aggravated or once the allopathic treatment we prefered initially has not succeeded.
By this stage our energy is significantly depleted and although we may not be alert to it, what little reserves we’ve got left are used up quickly every day just functioning. In this state we may be too weak to metabolize the advantages of medications and therapeutic treatments. Worse still, we might be possessing inappropriate belief systems that block our healing.
Why has our energy weakened? Simple. Our environment was once full of bio-electric energy, or life-force which the body were designed to absorb and as a consequence charge our batteries. In an all-out assault on our world we made a terrifying cocktail of chemical and radioactive substances which includes contaminated our atmosphere, water and food sources. The additional damage from electromagnetic fields especially slowly depletes our physical resources on a daily basis.
These changes to approach to life have happened after a while. Rather than adapt, our systems have compromised by reducing levels of energy as our ‘batteries’ are no longer being charged inside way we were holding designed.
If individuals have the capacity to operate being a 12 volt battery, most of us today are performing on five to six volts and we think were healthy. People with serious ‘label’ diseases are usually surviving on below one volt
With depleted levels of energy it can be clear why people no more have the resources to answer treatments and therapies.
We now have an exciting development which changes the equation and heralds a Golden Age in ‘Q’ Water Energy System.
The procedure is easy. The client immerses his/her feet, hands or body inside a container of purified water for 35 minutes. Into this water lies a selection having its 7 metallic rings, arranged in a precise geometric formation to generate a unique electromagnetic ‘signature’.
Once operating, the ‘Q’ then converts the magnetic and electric power within the water into bio-electric energy or life force – so vital for all of us to operate. The result is a change inside the water allowing it to offer its bio-energising effect inside a form that your client can utilize, his/her body’s own innate intelligence using it where it’s needed most.
The ‘Q’ is not a technology made to cure, heal or diagnose, but it is evident the ‘Q’ has produced a brilliant impact with a lot of physical disorders. Used like a foundation tool along with therapies or remedies, the ‘Q’ can reproduce when needed the capacity that water has, to make a vital life force. Changes usually are not brought on overnight. On one hand improvements in cellular vitality levels and blood quality are actually measured within a single session alone. On one other, everyone has taken longer to rebuild their potency before treatments or remedies took a significant beneficial effect.
The resultant increase in people’s stamina alone could be sufficient to begin with the process of healing.
Graeme Dinnen
“It’s like having Lourdes with your living room”: Dr Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac., Meridian Center, Santa Monica