From outside, the restaurant looked quite small and calm, but inside it was large, with about 10 sushi chefs, and it was loud and energetic – it felt like I was at the fish market – a fantastic sushi dining environment. Monkeys hold a conflicting place in the Japanese consciousness: traditionally regarded as messengers from the gods; adored as cute hot spring bathers … but also hunted as vermin, and now yours to enjoy in a delicious warming hot pot.

Most okonomiyaki restaurants add other ingredients as well, such as pork belly, octopus, vegetables, squid or green onions. We came here because a friend in our party had a group on and we decided to come here, there were 5 of us and the group on was 80.00 off, we spent close to 300.00 total, the group tried all different items on the menu and no one was satisfied or happy with the food.

We hope you will find the karaksa hotel Osaka Namba convenient, not just for Osaka but also as a sightseeing base for Kansai. Shabu Shabu comes from the sound of cooking into the meat in the pot swish swish”. Chayamamchi Maguroya (梅田芝田一丁目まぐろや) is a loud, busy, and still friendly, izakaya in Osaka that specializes in tuna in all different forms, sizes, and degrees of rawness.

In October last year, Michelin launched another new 2010 guide featuring 203 establishments from both cities, confirming them as hot new destinations for gourmet travellers. With an interior design that very accurately depicts the core concept of oriental Japanese theme, this particular Japanese food joint, equipped with an authentic sushi bar, delivers in terms of both environmental aesthetics and in food.

A feast awaits along the canal, from classic sushi and izakaya restaurants to takoyaki stalls and ramen shops. Directions: Lookout for the blue billboard from the picture when you enter the Dotonbori food street. NOTE: Before we get started on this food guide, just remember that Osaka is a big city in Japan, and just about all the best Japanese foods from around the country are available.

The opportunities to sample sushi in Japan are endless and one of the quickest and cheapest ways to enjoy sushi is in kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurants where small plates of sushi dishes travel past diners on a rotating belt. As you reach the castle, there are stone steps that lead to the top of the castle’s stone lau bang chuyen walls; a great vantage point for a view of Osaka Castle moat and the city.[\CONTENT]
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