The second method will be the foot detox spa. The principle this is exactly the same of extracting the poisons in the feet. Small electrodes are fitted towards the base of the unit. You place domestic hot water inside the system and place the feet in. Then you relax. This electrodes unit will release positive ions into the water. The negative toxins are extracted from the soles of your feet through the positive ions inside the water.
The proof that the methods actually working is provided by you vividly. This is within the form of discoloration. There will be major changes inside color of both the used water through the detox foot bath and the foot detox patch which has been removed through the sole with the foot inside morning.
Those skeptics who believe that this product can be a con, say how the discoloration is caused by an ingredient inside the detox foot patch and contains a built-in element of the foot bath. Advocates in the detox foot patch and baths depart from this best home foot spa
best foot spa