At La Spa Therapie Malahide our expert massage therapists, tranquil treatment rooms and revitalizing massage oils are here to deliver TLC treating Dublin north’s ladies and gents badly in need of repair and restoration!

But with a lot of types of treatments available at La Spa,how can you select the right strategy for you? Take a look at our descriptions below that will help you decide. Of course, when you need any advice just make contact – we’re always pleased to help.


Perfect for easing muscle tension. Your therapist uses massage oils to create smooth, gliding strokes with firm but gentle pressure to relieve stiff and aching muscles. A Swedish massage usually includes some deep tissue work.

Deep Tissue

A more intense version of your Swedish massage geared towards implementing the deeper tissue structures of the muscle. Your therapist is targeted on releasing your system’s chronic muscle or tension knots to provide long-term reduced recurring discomfort.


Your therapist massages the rear, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, hands and feet for the complete a sense relaxation from top to bottom.


Scented oils have long been used in rub. In addition to alleviating muscle tension the healing properties of aromatherapy oils can raise your mood. Your therapist will change the aroma oils available for you.

Hot Stone

Hot stones help muscles release tension to get a deeply relaxation . The therapy starts with a Swedish massage then stones are situated on specific points on one’s body to enhance the flow of your energy in your system.

We also offer specialism massage treatments for pregnancy and sporting the full list of our massage treatments in north county Dublin.

Wherever you enter north Dublin a trip to La Spa for any healing massage is well worth the visit. We are only a short stroll in the local DART station and still have a good amount of free parking. Our stylish, inviting spa and friendly staff are here to offer you a warm welcome!

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