River rafting is an adventure that has something suitable for people of different ages and skill levels. Each trip is unique, offering the chance to see wildlife or a view that was not seen on any other trip. Whether the trip lasts one day or two weeks, white water rafting grand canyon 1 day Trips and other trips provide an unforgettable experience.

Whitewater Rafting – the Difficulty Levels

Some rafting trips are suitable for children as young as six while other rapids are only suitable for those with a desire for an intense experience. In between those two extremes are rapids with more moderate difficulty levels. With the abundance of rafting possibilities, rafting trips do not run the extreme rapids. Those are reserved for experts.

The Grand Canyon Only – 1-10 Rapids Scale

The Grand Canyon still uses an older rating scale. A “10” on the Grand Canyon scale is the same as Class V on the international scale.

The International Scale

Level 1: Moving water, small waves, relaxing. Each rafting trip will have some stretches of water like this, making an enjoyable break between the rapids

Level 2: Waves up to 3 ft. tall, easy rapids, wide channels with some maneuvering needed

Level 3: Waves up to 4 ft. tall, narrow passages, water over the boat’s sides, exciting

Level 4: Turbulent water requiring precise maneuvering through narrow passages and down long, difficult rapids, hearts will race

Level 5: Complex, gushing, large rapids, plenty of twisting and spinning, for an ultimate adrenaline rush

Level 6: Extreme sport for experts only, considered “un-runnable,” not for outfitter trips

Whitewater Rafting for Newbies

It’s important to match the raft’s size to the whitewater and where people sit on the raft. The guide lets you know where to sit and what to do. On some trips, more conservative folks might remain with the oar-powered raft while the more adventurous kayak down the rapids. Expect to run large rapids, commonly found in Cataract Canyon at some seasons and all year long in the Grand Canyon, in a stable raft that offers a ride that is great fun.

Non-Swimmers Can Go on Some Rafting Trips

Generally, non-swimmers are not allowed on trips going through rapids rated at Level 3 or above. A non-swimmer would be in serious trouble if the raft should tip. However, there are rafting trips where non-swimmers and children aged 6-8 are allowed. These trips are great for business outings, family reunions and other group adventures.

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