Here’s the way to cope if you are experiencing pain:
1. Clean your lenses
Contact lenses might become uncomfortable if there’s debris around the lenses, so you need to rinse them with a saline or comfort solution. Never rinse with water and try to use goods that are appropriate for your lenses.
2. Check you’re wearing them correctly
If you’ve disposable lenses, be sure to change them each day and don’t wear them for long durations. Ignoring safety guidelines could leave you with red, swollen or irritated eyes so you might put yourself through unnecessary pain. If you dislike taking your contacts in and out perhaps go for monthly contacts as possible put them on continuously for about a month.
3. Book an appointment using your optician
Contact lenses can be found in numerous sizes and shapes, so if you are experiencing discomfort speak with your optician.
best rewetting drops for contacts

best rewetting drops for contacts
Check in for the contact aftercare service and tell the optometrist about your problems. You’ll have the insight you’ll need and may manage to alter the lenses you wear or adjust how we put them in.
4. Get used to them
If you’re trying disposable lenses for the first time, it a little while to obtain accustomed to them. Wear your lenses for a few hours every day and gradually boost the time period you use them. If you are feeling like they’re scratching you, remove them since this isn’t normal. One of the edges could possibly be rough or there may be deposits on the lens. Never wear a lens which is damaged , nor continue toting if you’re experiencing discomfort because this could damage your skills. Always consult your optometrist should you simply can’t get accustomed to this sort of eyewear.
5. Give up your eyes an opportunity
A bout of flu or a common cold may make wearing lenses uncomfortable, so you may wish to switch returning to glasses for any while. Always listen to your system and take your contacts out if you are feeling discomfort. Contacts are designed to sit comfortably within the eye, so always give your vision a rest if you feel something is wrong.
Contacts lenses should be painless and enjoyable to utilize, but if you’re experiencing problems always see your optometrist.