Top Reasons to Opt For a cavalier-king-charles-spaniel as Your Pet

The cavalier-king-charles-spaniel is an intelligent, energetic breed and very popular in Ireland. Good with kids, dogs as well as other pets, the cavalier king charles has a lively nature makes it a fantastic companion breed.
A people pleaser, the cavalier-king-charles-spaniel is very easy to educate whilst they are prone to developing ‘small Dog syndrome’ if strong leadership is not shown by way of a owner.

Ever friendly, the cavalier king charles spaniel loves human being contact and will have a generally welcoming attitude towards strangers – making the cavalier not a great watchdog, but a wonderful companion dog. Due to their need for human being contact, the cavalier is not really suited for households which remain away from home for long hours.

cavalier king charles spaniel grooming

Hair type: cavalier king charles spaniel has a silky coat of medium length which feathers around the ears, chest, legs and tail. Prone to tangling and matting, also, they are known to shed substantially.
Daily coating care: Your cavalier king charles spaniel will need to be brushed daily utilizing a firm bristle comb or brush. Particular attention should be paid to the ears which are particularly vulnerable to matting.

Recommended groom frequency: A cavalier king charles will need to be fully groomed every six weeks. Mid-groom hair trims, particularly across the ft pads where hair expands quickly may also be needed, as may an ear clean.
The cavalier king charles is genetically prone to a number of diet related disorders such as fat gain and mitral control device disease, so it is recommended that you select a dog food which has been specficially designed to help strengthen your cavalier’s resistance to these health problems.

To help you choose the right dog food for your cavalier king charles, speak with one of family pet care advisors instore who is able to talk you through the options available.

This breed needs moderate amount of regular exercise and they are prone to weight gain. A daily walk is essential while free play in an open and secured area every now and then is also recommended.. This tends to put on weight easily so should not be overfed.

Where to get a cavalier king charles

There are lots of places offering dogs or puppies, but we would always ask that you consider adopting a dog first. The cavalier king charles spaniel is an intelligent, lively breed and very popular in Ireland in europe. Good with kids, puppies as well as other pets, the cavalier king charles has a vibrant nature can make it a fantastic friend breed.

A people pleaser, the cavalier king charles is very easy to teach although they are prone to developing ‘small Dog syndrome’ if strong leadership is not shown by their owner.