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This month’s Player Made™ party features two of Charlotte’s own, Perry A & Westside Cord. Representing “1 Of a Kind Empire”, they will be blessing the stage with some good ol’ southern rap. If you missed the last party, this Friday is your chance to experience what we call “An ode to southern rap of all eras”. Good music, good drinks and good people. See y’all there!

Friday, March 17, 2017 10:00 PM
(Doors @ 9:00 PM)

DJs: Elevator Jay & Jaboi B Rab

Permanent Vacation:
DEEP FRIED FAMILY ~ Est. 2010 Work hard & party hard w/ the intent to get that P/V…

Player Made™ : An Ode To Southern Rap of All Eras

Here it is…the finale of the Sext Message residency…and we have something extra special planned for you…seriously, it’s really rad.
Joining us are:
South Side Punx
Motel Glory

Party forever!

Sext Messsage, Minimums, South Side Punx, Motel Glory 3.29 Snug

It’s no secret…we’re huge nerds. Super sexy, keytar weilding nerds, but still nerds. The only thing greater than our love for each other is our love of all things Marvel and Star Wars.
Come get geeky with:
Dead Sea Scrilla
Are you a superhero…or are you a villain? Costumes highly encouraged.

SXT MSG/Dr Cirkustien/Dead Sea Scrilla/Sulfur – Superhero Party!

Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017 9:30 PM
(Doors @ 9:00 PM)

MILLENNIAL is a group of guys who, true to their Generation Y character, have begun to forge their path with confident, self-expressive, liberal, upbeat music that is created with the notion to “make a change.” A diverse generation of singer/songwriters and musicians reigning from Charlotte, NC, Rodney Eldridge (lead vocals), Logan Fincher (lead guitarist) and Jon Hussey (drums) formed a mutual bond derived from their passion for creative musical expression. That passion led them to take the leap to pursue their dream and served as the inspiration behind the trio’s newest project entitled DREAMERS.

Farewell Albatross:
Smoldering Indie Rock Lo-fi Basement Sound

The YeahTones:
Rock and Roll and Matching Clothes.

Megan Jean the KFB:
Megan Jean and the KFB, or Klay Family Band, arrange a demented blend of americana, punk, dance, and the avant-garde that they’ve taken to describing as, “a metal band, if it was 1927.” Inventive percussion, electrified banjo, and a voice like the Devil Herself have earned Megan Jean and the KFB a dedicated following all over the East Coast.

Millennial w/ Farewell Albatross, The YeahTones, Megan Jean

Friday, Apr 7, 2017 10:00 PM
(Doors @ 9:00 PM)

Shadowgraphs is a neo-psychedelic band from Charlotte, NC, comprised of internationally known collage artist Bryan Olson and fellow German cosmonaut Charles Glade (Wils). Both ends met after being introduced through a mutual friend who thought the two shared similar musical interests. Bryan and Wils instantly sparked a connection and songs began to emerge. The two would experiment late nights with tape machines, sharing music and production ideas, and writing songs. After only four months of meeting, an EP titled “Return to Zero” was written and the band was officially born with Ethan Ricks on Bass and Cody Hare on Drums.

Naked Gods:
Naked Gods, formed during the third millennium, are a five piece rock and roll band hailing from Boone, an otherwise sleepy town in western North Carolina’s mountains. Don’t let that geography mislead you; as a unit the band combines the influences of big, noisy guitar indie rock, abstract bass warbling, frenzied drum bursts & vocals capturing the sensitivity & sentimentality of youth lost & found, delivered with swagger by one of the burliest guys you’ve ever seen. Its like the pizza delivery boy stole all their instruments, re-tuned them with some logic heretofore tonally unknown, returned them, & set them loose together in search of melody.

The Halves:
Rock N’ Roll Band from the Queen City (QC baby)

Shadowgraphs (Album Release) w/ Naked Gods, The Halves

Find out all the parties and events in stockton nearby and get notified for upcoming events.

All events and parties in stockton