Do you really need A Sturdy Tablet Pc? Graphic tablets?

Tablet Computer’s have been a hot item for several years now for people in all kinds of job, but if you are like me, you need a durable one.

I am always on the go and am have found myself using my tablet in a number of unusual places. I have previously had mine fall on the ground and even previously had coffee spilled on its basic.

One Tablet Pc that you may like may be the Amrel Rocky Rugged Tablet PC and that is very sturdy and certified regarding both military and industrial benchmarks.

It is designed and tested so as to withstand dust, rain, vibrations plus shock. The Amrel Rugged Tablet ways just over a pound in order that it is very easy to handle on the go. Could is a great sturdy and rugged tablet, it may be best suited to industrial together with field service jobs.

Xplore’s iX104 Rugged Tablet PC is another extremely tough and sturdy tablet. It is meant to be reliable for operation and sturdiness in harsh environments like the Amrel model.

These are some powerful equipment featuring Ultra Low Voltage Intel Pentium III and have up to forty-eight MB of video memory.

If you are after a sturdy Tablet PC that may be more appropriate for people who do buiness then industrial use, you will such as Tosheba Portege R400.

This model is certainly lightweight, sturdy and has a luxurious design. Some of it’s features involve Window’s Vista’s Active Windows Avertissement, Toshiba’s organic light emitting diode and it lacks the typical protruding joint on the spine and it has a sport bike helmet with no latch.

The R400 has its own great connectivity features. After which allows it with any Bluetooth cell phone, the R400 will create a risk-free connection with any secure phone quickly.

If you don’t want to use the Bluetooth, you need to use Wi-Fi 902. 11a/b/g and a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port for local marketing networks. There really is only one main draw back into the R400 and that is the price of $3750.

Another thing that is for sure is that there are many different models and makes of Tablet PC’s. There seems to certainly be a model that fits perfectly with what ever before job you may have.

Prices and types do vary and it is advised to find reviews before purchasing a Tablet PC for your own.

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