Is The mini husky The Right Breed of dog For You



Even though the mini husky is generally clear of anatomical issues, some health issues associated to this breed include juvenile cataracts, liver disease, factor VII deficiency, pyometra, patellar luxation, cryptorchidism, heart failure issues, and thyroid diseases.

As being a newer dog breed, the mini husky has an extremely detailed tracking of its origin. In the mid 1970s an Alaskan woman named Bela Spurlin came across what looked like a little version of your Siberian Husky in Oklahoma. Immediately drawn to this unique dog, Spurlin returned to Alaska and commenced trying to reconstruct the dog into a new breed.
While Spurlin was focusing on this new breed, others became curious with the mini husky as well and within about 15 years, Spurlin started out to sell puppies from the newly created breed although the gene pool would still be small.