Here is a little tutorial that I found on my searches in the dark web. This is something like the other hacking tool but its for facebook. If you follow the instructions right, almost anyone can do this. I was very surprised to find out that instagram hacking would be so easy. But eh, I guess thats what the dark web is for, right?

Now I did find a few different mods to this facebook password cracker compared to the other ones that I did use. One difference is, this one actually worked. The reason I say this is that I have tried so many hacking tools and most of them all came to the same conclusion. They didn’t work. But to my surprise this one done the job perfectly. So if your interested in learning how to hack someones instagram account, then look no further. As this tool, got the simplicity along with a very fast hacking bot, they makes the rest look like bot crap. All in all I rate this one a 10 out of 10. Great tool, works awesome, and provides the user with all the info they need.

Watch the tutorial and give it a try… Hack away!