Top 10 Most Amazing Fact About the labrador retriever

The labrador retriever has long been viewed as the most suitable pet throughout the world. Specially suited for hunting and often conditioned to hunt with gun athletes, the lab has rightfully earned the title of a “gun dog. ” It is a exceptional working companion that is utilized for various purposes, such as physical assistance and personal protection. However, Its the labrador retriever loyalty and friendly nature also make make the lab an outstanding pet.

The labrador retriever is found in black, dark chocolate, and yellow, with dark being the most popular, and chocolate running a close second. The color of the nose should be the same as the color of the hair, with minimal fading. All other colors are the result of cross breeding and aren’t accepted as purebred labrador retrievers. The particular eyes should give the impression of intelligence and kindness; colors accepted for the eyes are brownish for black and yellow-colored haired labs, and dark brown or hazel, for dark chocolate haired labs.